Change Digital

The future of
payments is here.

Harnessing the benefits of Bitcoin SV for commerce.


Transactional  efficiency & velocity for real world commerce

By applying the significant benefits of Bitcoin SV to real world commerce and removing the obstacles to widespread adoption of digital assets, CHANGE can improve transactional efficiency, alleviate regulatory pressures and bureaucracy, and ultimately deliver economic freedom to a global audience.


Change Digital tokens are pegged to government-backed currency, the tokens are free of volatile valuations.


Trades on the scalable Bitcoin SV Network, true to the original Bitcoin vision.


Secure digital tokens on the Bitcoin SV network are clear and transparent, offering higher levels of network security to increase the adoption of digital currencies

Payment Experience

Ecosystems can benefit from a range of different transaction options while cashing out to the traditional banking system at settlement.


A stable, scalable and secure system to facilitate efficient digital payments & settlement


Issuance of fiat backed digital token purpose built for payments and settlement

Change Brokerage

A bridge between the global banking system and CHANGE stablecoins.

Instant Approvals

Risk mitigated Bitcoin commerce for crypto exchanges and payment processors

Market overview

CHANGE’s advantages facilitate micro transactions & multiple opportunities in the digital asset ecosystem:

Consensual Data Monetization

CHANGE Stable Coin’s micro-payments is an ideal solution for how to compensate the public for sharing their data.

Supply Chain Management

Simplifying payments & settlement for goods and services with the ability to transfer in real time for as little as a fraction of a cent.

Pay per Read Media

Allows publishers to access a previously inaccessible revenue stream and allows pay per use consumers at an extremely low transaction cost.

Cross Border Settlement

For payment processors and ecosystems opposite their merchants. Merchants & Users can then cash out into their bank accounts.