Change Digital

Change Digital Commerce. Change the World.

Stablecoin issuance platform
facilitating digital payments and settlement


Transactional  efficiency & velocity for real world commerce

Change uses scalable blockchain infrastructure to power better digital payments and make real world commerce more efficient – even for micro-transactions to enable new business models. The Change system is easy to use for businesses and consumers.


Change digital tokens are pegged to government-backed currency and cash equivalents. The tokens have a reliable value.


Built on the BSV blockchain network, with the biggest scaling vision in the industry. Supports high transaction volume, even down to micro-payment levels, at fast speed for very low fees.


Digital tokes are verifiable on a public blockchain, offering network security to increase adoption of digital payments for new business models


Change's system is so efficient that it can power new business models based upon micro-payments, a key missing link for the Internet.

A stable, scalable and secure system to facilitate efficient digital payments & settlement

Change Payment Tokens


Change tokens are a safe digital asset because the coins are pegged 1:1 against the value of government-issued currency and cash equivalents held in reserve by a financial institution. Because Change tokens are backed by reliable underlying assets, their value is reliable, free from volatility, and consistent in purchasing power. Change coins are not intended to be stored or HODL’ed; they are built for spending and use in real world commerce.


Change's advantages facilitate micro-transactions. Small digital payments can generate big business.

Consumer Data Monetization

Change micropayments are an ideal solution to incentivize and pay consumers to consensually share their data with businesses..

Enterprise Applications

CHANGE digital payments can be integrated into enterprise applications across all industries. Simplify payments & settlements for goods and services, with ability to transfer in real time for fees as little as a fraction of a U.S. cent.

Pay Per View Media

Publishers and content creators can power new monetization models by charging users small amounts for individual pieces of content

Cross Border Settlement

Faster, lower cost settlement for international payment processors and merchants.